Global Waming Changes

The global warming climate change is a big issue, since we all start to witness more and more extreme weather and frequent natural disasters, and many of the old generation will tell you that they never experienced a warmer summer, a colder winter and a rainier season we all start to comprehend that what started 20 years or more as a small group of scientists started making noise about the greenhouse effects and global warming was not something scientific at all, it is very much a part of our every day life and may turn into a very important consideration in the near future.

As glaciers in Antarctica start melting in a seriously dangerous rate and the temperatures in the ocean rise as a result of the glaciers temperature more and more people understand that the next few years will not be the same in terms of temperature and the extreme weather all of the globe experience, extreme temperatures are experienced everywhere around the blue planet and there are many side effects to this phenomena.

Just speak with a ski instructor in Europe and you will understand that some people in this industry are very concerned for its future, as snow peaks quickly lose most of its mass, even in the European alps the rate of snow loss is overwhelming, glaciers fall apart and the increase of summer vacationers coming to see parts of mountains fall apart as a result of the decrease of glaciers to hold them together is raising serious concern for the future of skiing, with less snow and higher temperatures it will not be a popular and relatively cheap sport anymore.

But snow and ski is the least of concerns for every human on earth, floods and heat waves are. Floods like we have seen hit the U.S and parts of a Asia and Europe. The change in the average temperature around the world, all above their usual averages and well above the slow global warming recorded in the last few decades. Heat waves that kill many hundreds in eastern Europe and western Europe, places that have not felt such high temperatures ever and certainly not for so long as 10 or 15 days. Sudden snow storms early in the year have a significant effect on many industries and their transportation systems.

It is assumed that all humans on the planet will feel a direct discomfort or even worst in the next few years, all connected to global warming. If we are really concerned we should do our best to raise the awareness to global warming and the dangers involved. The development of India and China makes the risk even more significant as more and more people of these two great nations purchase cars and use more electricity then ever before.
While it is hard to explain to them why they cant use the same thing the Americans and Europeans enjoyed for so long, it is fairly simple to explain that if we continue to live like that the days of humans (as the lives of many creatures that share earth with us) are numbered.

It is a clear and very true threat on human life on earth and global warming has only reveled a part of its power, it is estimated that once we hit a certain degree things will escalate very quickly and everyone will feel this very fast, we might see a complete change of the weather system in the next few years if we do not act now.

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