Global Warming Is Caused By Man, Nature Would Never Do Such a Thing

Global Warming Theory (AGW) purports that mankind’s CO2 emissions are causing catastrophic warming of the planet, and since humans are doing this, the IPCC says humans need to stop their CO2 emissions immediately and stop the abundance derived from Capitalism because it is too efficient and causes degradation of our planet. But does this theory hold water since the Earth is in a warming trend already and has been for 10,000 years and in the last 180-years it’s thought that the average temperature has moved upward maybe .8 degrees? Is mankind really at fault and can we really stop a warming trend of our entire planet by killing jobs and economies and throwing the world into the regression of global socialism?

Not long ago, I had a debate about Global Warming with a fellow think tank type mind, he stated; “Nature doesn’t build vehicles, industries, or cities; Nature doesn’t destroys forests without bring back what was lost, nor kills for pleasure, nor seeks its own selfish desires, nor cares about profits, money, or shares; Natures doesn’t need humans, whereas WE can’t survive without her! All of Nature’s creations support each other in some form or another, except for MAN!”

Actually, nature builds humans, with superior brains to change their environment. Beaver dams can be seen from Space. Ants build huge civilizations, large animal herds put out huge amounts of Methane along with termites which equals more than the methane put out by humankind. Many animals kill for pleasure, cats for instance. Ever watch one toy with a lizard and never actually eat the thing?

All animals are selfish, all life small and large attempts to do the least to get the most almost as if driven by physics – conservation of energy from a Virus or Bacteria to a Whale in the ocean. Alpha Males of herds, primates and other species dominate for power, what does money give you in modern society – power? Nature does destroy forests – in fact more than humans putting out more CO2 as it goes, huge wildfire by lightning, number one cause of forest fires world-wide. In Australia the CO2 from a recent fire put out more CO2 than China does in several years, can you believe that? Wow.

My self-righteous meaningful intelligent friend stated “If there is a different way to tell the Climate Change story, another way, it should be simple, watch Wall-E, couldn’t be told more clearer what humans are doing to our HOME, Earth.”

The Sun Cycles – simple enough for you? That’s why the Earth is heating up, 97% of our heat comes from the Sun, and the Mayan’s had a pretty good handle on that. Still my acquaintance presses on; “We are only lying to ourselves to think we are not heading down the path this movie showed, the question lies: do we listen scientists or we listened to lobbyists?”

No one likes lobbyists or can condone this legal form of corruption whether they are pro Global Warming Theory or against. Should we listen to Scientists? No, not anymore, science has been hijacked, this topic is a perfect example, and if we want to communicate better the message we have to fix that first or shut up, no one is going to listen to Global Warming Alarmists who cry Grey “Wolf”.

Mars once had a climate, and water, gone now, no humans there to put out CO2, thanks for the Mars debate, let me know if you’d like to continue on that.

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