Global Warming; Mudslides and Flooding

We have sure seen a lot of flooding, mudslide and drowning deaths in the last two-years. More than normal in fact, but could this increase be an affect of Global Warming? Some say it is and others are not so sure.

Personally I seriously doubt if it has anything to do with Global Warming at all. Floods happen all over the year all around the world, there is generally a huge geological record of massive floods so I agree with you. I am not a Global Warming alarmist.

In our online think tank we have a section on Global Warming because people are talking about it, not because I necessarily believe that mankind’s activities is causing the planet to warm, as it appears to warm and cool all by itself over periods of hundreds and thousands of years due to all sorts of interrelated cycles and patters. As a matter of fact, I am surprised at the number of posts in this section, as it some of them should probably be in the other sections on Water Flows or Extreme Weather Sections, along with the essays on the patterns of erosion.

However in all fairness, large amounts of pollution in the air could cause severe rains, which could in turn back up prevailing weather patterns and one could say that those rains were bigger than normal due to the particulate in the air. Thus, although not Global Warming, some of these large rain events in some regions of the world could have been aided by regional air pollution, or not. Perhaps we should be checking some of the pollution that data available and check after each flooding event at the time to see if those issues existed prior to the flooding events. This might be a way we could prove beyond a reasonable doubt if human pollution is causing large rain events in various parts of the world?

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