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Global warming is a problem that needs to be faced head-on by the leaders of the nations of our planet. The call to arms has been sounded; many countries are now doing research into the causes of global warming, as well as committing to actions to help decrease the effects of global warming. In the United States, a Global Change Research Program has been crafted which represents one of the largest efforts ever pursued when it comes to understanding global warming. The Environmental Protection Agency is also in the fight, helping to partner with businesses and individuals to help try to achieve a baseline for curbing the problem so that we can all benefit. The United Nations has also drafted several proposals when it comes to climate change; the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change has been created. This organization was formed to consider what possible actions we can do to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, the convention was formed to help us to plan for what we should do if the inevitable temperature change happens.

The Kyoto protocol represents a firm commitment that many nations have signed, which targets countries when it comes to the responsibility of greenhouse gas emission. 163 countries have ratified the protocol thus far, and 35 of these countries still have a ways to go when it comes to reducing their emissions to a reasonable level. The targets specified in the Kyoto protocol estimate that the number of greenhouse gases emitted in total around the planet should face a 5% decrease. While this change isn’t huge, it does represent a step in the right direction when it comes to facing up to our global responsibility.

Technology cooperation is another innovation that is helping the international community to deal with the problem of global warming. This strategy involves the sharing of developments of environmentally friendly technology between nations to help us adapt to the changes that we need to make to stop this problem. Also, the nations of the planet are working together to establish firm laws when it comes to land usage, changing land usage, and forestry. As the effects of global warming become more clear, more people will hopefully begin to understand the problem so that the nations of the world can cooperate in helping to save our planet.

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